Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hi Jim,
We spoke a couple of months ago about using your product with large hand drawn pen and ink illustrations.
I'm writing to let you know about the success I'm having using Inkaid.
My banners have an average size of 3.5' x 4' and take 60-80 hours to complete using a Pointillism technique.
I'm using two coats of Inkaid leaving about 5 hours after each to dry.
I hang the paper while drying because my first attempt stuck to the table.
There is very little wicking of the ink that I apply and this allows for good control of my dot size.
I have not had any problems with cracking due to the flexibility of my finished banners.
I'm attaching the most recent and a link to some others I hope you will enjoy.
Very satisfied, thank you

Paul Reynolds MFA